Ayacht Technology Solutions is based on a number of driving principles including that the management of information technology for business is like legal advice, accounting and other bodies of knowledge, in that it is not a “do it yourself” prospect. Smart business people who aren’t computer knowledgeable need to find quality computer consultants to provide quality and reliable service, hardware and software recommendations, and support. ATS is comprised of individuals with knowledge, experience and disciples beyond the typical computer professional. With backgrounds in accounting, training, engineering, information systems, help desk, and business management, along with extremely technical capabilities, we provide clients a unique perspective unlike that of most computer consultants.

Career Opportunities

At ATS we collect resumes for positions all the time and we will contact you if or when we have a position available.  For a complete description and more information, click on the job description below.

  • Help Desk As a Help Desk IT Support Technician, your day-to-day responsibilities will require you to provide phone and remote support to customer's in a dynamic environment. This position will require daily customer interaction and requires a strong communication skills both written and verbal. Read More
  • Network, Video and Wireless Technician As a Network, Video and Wireless Technician, your day-to-day responsibilities will require you to provide support and implement customer’s networks in a dynamic environment. Following the lead of a Senior Network Engineer, Customer service, quality of workmanship and rapid deployment of products are our strengths. Read More