Law Enforcement & Public Safety

Rural and metropolitan wireless implementations contain a multitude of considerations best addressed in a working partnership with experts in the field. Ayacht Technology Solutions and our myriad planning and deployment looks, wireless vendor knowledge and experience, represent a proven in the field team municipalities, law enforcement and public safety organizations have trusted for years. As a Patron Sponsor of the MCOPA, we provide comprehensive, trusted IT solutions to organizations like yours.

ATS continues to partner with cities and towns to bridge the Digital Divide, providing not only metro-scale fixed broadband for public and internal municipal use, but also for citywide mobile public safety networks covering dozens of vehicles in a city.

Our proven solutions support a wide range of critical applications, including:

  • Internet Access & Connectivity: Primary and back-up high-speed, broadband connectivity to government and non-profit organizations for cost-effective internet access and LAN to LAN communications.
  • Mobile Broadband: Broadband mobile networking for law enforcement and other public safety agencies to support broadband data, voice and real-time video applications.
  • Wireless Video: Citywide video surveillance systems without the need for cabling.
  • Municipality as Service Provider: Municipal entity extends the use of their wireless network to residents and businesses; providing broadband for economic development of the region.

A city, town, business or campus has a physical space which often comprises large and/or intricate geographic areas. Aside from the political challenges you might face, the space may contain mountain ranges, valleys and physical structures such as bridges and buildings, especially in rural city environments. With the goal of enhancing communication amongst agencies and extending their capabilities to public safety or distant private networks, many entities are ready to undertake such aggressive projects.

We will provide a structured and cooperative approach allowing your team to select the particular features, services and tools the project requires. Together we will build a cost effective plan designed to improve, protect and enable your WLAN to operate at its peak performance levels while maximizing up time.