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Sports and Entertainment venues can present a lot of challenges when it comes to going wireless and upgrading current IT infrastructure. When working in a large arena and dealing with things like signal inhibitors and legacy systems, integrating new technology solutions can be a daunting task.

That's where we come in, with experience working with renowned sports organizations like the Colorado Rockies and the Boston Red Sox to implement reliable, secure wireless solutions and more.

Case Study: Fenway Park

Beginning early 2006 The Boston Red Sox executed major renovations to Fenway Park. The “.406 Club”, formerly known as the “600 Club” was demolished along with the roof seats to make way for the new “EMC Club” and “State Street Pavilion”.

With these changes came the opportunity, and necessity, to improve and increase wireless coverage and access throughout the park. The new “EMC Club” seats and “State Street Pavilion” seats needed to have in-seat food service provided by Aramark.

Through the use of wireless handheld scanners a waiter/waitress would take a fan’s order, send it back to the kitchen over the wireless network to be delivered by a runner; allowing for faster service and better tracking.

Discover how we helped Fenway Park with wireless solutions to:

  • Cover all gates for ticket scanning
  • Cover EMC Club and State Street Pavillion
  • Cover press box and new press room
  • Cover on field Camera Pits
  • Cover front two rows of seats from home dugout
  • to visitor dugout
  • Cover Right Field Bud Bar and Bud Bar seats
  • Cover Yawkey Way for ticket scanning
  • Channel planning in a multi-level stadium horseshoe
  • configuration
  • Setting/adjusting power levels for pre and post
  • game operation
  • Wireless access for seat order taking
  • Wireless access for Red Sox employees
  • Wireless access for photographers and press
  • Wireless access for VOIP telephony

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