Increase efficiency and stay compliant with tailored IT solutions

Ayacht Technology Solutions provides IT solutions specifically tailored to the Insurance industry. Integration of complex computer systems within a single network demands a support partner who understands the specific needs and specialized software of Insurance agencies like yours.

Ayacht Technology Solutions can customize an IT solution for your insurance agency to assist with:

  • Agency Management Systems
  • Claims Processing
  • Policy Management
  • Document Imaging/management
  • Secure email
  • Mass privacy law

Ayacht Technology Solutions focuses on providing flexible and customized solutions to meet the unique needs of insurance companies in [local_broad]. Whether you're looking for increased security, greater efficiency or a more streamlined business experience, we have the answer.

Agency Management Installation/Upgrades

Keep your staff trained and your software updated to ensure these vital tools that run your office are current and offer continuing improvement for better agency efficiency.

Scanning for Paperless Agencies

Documents and records can be digitized for archival purposes, simplifying record keeping and access. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) can further render documents into editable formats allowing importation into most word processing systems.

Remote Office Connectivity

Ayacht Technology Solutions enables your office to go mobile by connecting every agent to the home office, whether via PDA, home or laptop computer, and even cell phone, insuring real-time data transfer and updating.

Enhance customer service with centralized business-critical databases. You'll get instant delivery of full-featured enterprise applications, which means provisioning that once took weeks can be completed in minutes. Control is server-based, allowing applications a single point of management and delivery.

Offsite Backup

Distribution of risk is a concept basic to security and the Insurance industry. There is no more essential element of security than the integrity of your records in the event of a disaster. That's why we offer offsite backup and restoration of your business-critical records and applications.

Email/Fax Network Servers

Directly receive your faxed documents already digitized in your own email box over our secure fax servers.

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