"We had an issue that our firewalls were end of life from the manufacturer and there was no replacement being offered. The current units had been customized heavily over the years to fit our environment and the rule sets were very complicated. We had two locations to replace that included our Police Department and Town Hall. We needed help implementing the new equipment into our environment and aid in converting all our previous settings to the new firewalls without any downtime or mistakes."

"Having worked with ATS for years now, I know them very well professionally and trust their work and expertise. I knew they were the correct vendor for the task. ATS would use their lab environment to ensure all our rules would be converted and tested properly before we went live. When conversion time came to go live it was done so with minimal downtime and no mistakes. We would use ATS again in the future after this experience. "

Town of Wareham

"We started our engagement with Ayacht back in 2006 with phase one of the major renovations to Fenway Park. We chose Ayacht for their skill in designing complex network and wireless systems. Our needs were going to span several years and we needed a technology partner that we could count on for year to come. Ayacht exceeded our expectations for the first phase of the project. They created a plan for proper placement of the access points and worked to blend the antennas into the existing landscape keeping the historical aspects of the park in tact. Ayacht also planned and developed a wireless network infrastructure to handle and segregate our many diverse applications."

"After our phase one success with Ayacht it was clear they should be the vendor of choice on-going for the remaining renovation phases. The major renovations continued all the way up to this year with a new phase occurring in each off season. This would require planning for the continued reshaping of the park including a great deal more concrete to deal with. Ayacht was very flexible and always provided us with very prompt and courteous service. We expect to use them in the future and consider them a valued vendor partner."

Boston Red Sox